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Domu Antiga a Gergei

charming house

In the heart of Sarcidano region, in a small town called Gergei, with its narrow streets in the shadow of a bell tower, in the middle of a valley surrounded by olive trees.

Samuel, the owner of the old house Domu Antiga,  built at the beginning of the 800 and recently refurbished with a respectful renovation,  will welcome you in a timeless place rich of flavors and wrapped in the sweet smell of bread baking in the old wood-burning oven.

A jump in the past, deep in a still genuine Sardinia, jealously guarded and proposed through the expertly cooked food  and the friendly hospitality typical of Sardinian people.

Domu Antiga has three double bedrooms all with private bathrooms .

A large kitchen will welcome you for breakfast made by genuine products including local home-made cakes or if you prefer the fresh egg that you can pick-up from the chicken coop in the courtyard.

charming hospitality

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